A thought and a few words on a mountain trail

Un pensiero e qualche parola lungo un sentiero di montagna

october 15th, friday, notes from my notebook.

“The uphill path to reach the St.Martin Church (Como’s Lake) was more steep than I thought. During a stop to breathe a little more, in the shadow of the woods, a tree told me: the trick is to take one step after another, always like this. Then I told Simo what the tree had told me  and doing so we arrived at the church. Thanks, my friend tree.”

La breve sosta una volta arrivati lassù è stata impagabile. The short stay once we got up there was priceless.E voi, avete mai parlato con un albero? Sentitevi liberi di raccontare cosa vi ha detto 🙂

And how about you, have you ever chatted with a tree? Feel free to tell us what it told you 🙂