Paris Photo: Ed Ruscha


Ed Ruscha a Paris Photo

Nell’ultimo articolo ho citato Ed Ruscha. Casualmente mi sono imbattuto in questo video da Paris Photo dove lui parla della sua esperienza artistica. Vale la pena vederlo, almeno per chi abbia una conoscenza della lingua inglese! Pieno formato su Vimeo.

In my last post I mentioned Ed Ruscha. I stumbled in this video from Paris Photo  in which he describes his artistic experience. Worthwhile to watch, english language only, sorry. Full size and higher quality clicking the Vimeo logo.

Ed Ruscha, is perhaps most largely known for his paintings and drawing, but has also received considerable critical acclaim for his photographic work. Though his relationship to photography remains complex and his work is difficult to define he has inspired and influenced generations of artists across the world.</p>