untitled, with anger

Senza titolo, con rabbia

Fuori ci sono 36 gradi Celsius, da mesi non piove, l’agricoltura è in forte sofferenza, gli incendi divampano, l’inflazione è a livello record, c’è una guerra in corso nel nostro continente, il covid è ancora presente, c’è una forte crisi energatica, l’inverno prossimo potremmo avere molto meno gas di quanto ne servirebbe e i nostri politici fanno cadere il governo presieduto da uno degli italiani più apprezzati e rispettati nel mondo per semplici interessi di parte, senza pensare al bene del paese.

It’s 36 degrees Celsius outside, it hasn’t rained in months, fires rage, agriculture is in dire straits, inflation is at a record high, there is a war going on in our continent, there is a major energy crisis, next winter we may have much less gas than we need, covid is still present and our politicians bring down the government headed by one of the most highly regarded and respected Italians in the world for mere selfish partisan interests, without thinking of the good of the country.

Mi viene in mente una sola parola…vergogna

Only one word comes to mind…shame

Scusatemi, niente foto oggi, forse un’altra volta.

Sorry, no photo today, maybe next time.

Lo so, questo è un blog di fotografia ma pur con tanta passione non è poss ibile ignorare quanto accade.

I know, this is primarily a photography blog but even with so much passion, it is not poss ible to ignore what is happening.







16 pensieri su “untitled, with anger

  1. These are tough times for the whole planet. Living in the US, what I don’t understand is why there are millions of people following Trump. It’s frightening that they can’t see who he is, they can’t see that all he cares about is money and power, not them. But there are hopeful things happening, too, people like Greta Thunberg who are young nad have the passion to make real change. We hope!

    • Bad news! There are so many poor folks in US, with no chance of change. None. A Republican Party that is totally evil begging a Dictator. The man, no names is a maniac. A thief, cheated family out of inheritances, is a Nazi, seditionist, traitor, liar and very dangerous. Read Matt Black Magnum. Shoots on small cameras (ignore the Leica lemonade). May be able to read his papers and photos on internet. I think he will grab power.. jason

  2. Make an mage about our anger! Not only Italy but world wide! So sad we are being stolen by “inflation” Even if fuel up in cost, how many products on a log distance truck or train or plane! Lies! I had a friend who worked in railways computing, and he showed me how this is (was) artificial..

  3. Robert, I feel your pain, frustration, and anger. All the same on this side of the pond too, and unbelievably, the ostriches still stick their heads in the hot sand, TMI, they cry. (Too much information)

  4. No need for shame, unless you are saying it’s a shame to lose Draghi. He was so good for Italy. Similar things are happening everywhere. These are dark times.

    • Thanks.Yes, he did a good job, perhaps too good if confronted with what the “professional” politicians did. These are dark times and we feel so out of any game. How did it happen the world changed in such a way?


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