Ufficialmente siamo ancora in primavera. Ma la temperatura si avvicina a quella estiva. E a volte anche la luce.

Officially we are still in spring. But the temperature is approaching that of summer. And sometimes so does the light.

Anche nei dintorni di casa. Also in my neighborhood.

E da voi come è la luce? What does the light look like on your side?



11 pensieri su “summer?

  1. I love your images, particularly the last in the series. The light here? It’s beautiful this time of year, but we’ve had a very weird spring. First it warms up, flowers burst open, then a foot of snow falls, then out comes the sun, then more snow, then more sun. And wind, oh my has the wind been blowing. Still, I do enjoy the verdant greens and the dazzling clouds in a rich blue sky.

  2. Ah, yes…” What does the light look like on your side?”…

    Here in the metropolitan Atlanta area, as usual, our light is harsh after 10:00am until around 7pm. This year is different in that Spring has been somewhat cooler and the green pollen has been less. Rain has been scarce as is normally the case but the days are sparkling in the morning with heavy morning dew and ideal golden hour activities.

    The arrival of Summer weather is never in the same month. This week, I would say our ambient “light” during the day is similar to yours. But the golden hours are “delicious”!

    • For us as photographers it is always interesting to observe how the light changes.
      I prefer soft (cloudy) light for my photography, hard light, with strong light and shadow contrast is difficult for me to deal with. peerhaps a new challenge, take photos only between 11 am and 5 pm !
      Thanks for your words Dave 🙂

  3. Typical Midwest America at this time of year looks like bright piercing sunshine one day, dark ominous clouds of gray spewing rain the next, the sunshine can be in the middle of a cold spell and the rain can come down hot…in general we tend to transition from winter to summer sometime in early July. We don’t really know what spring is.

    • Thanks for your words. We used to have spring as intermediate season between cold winter and hot summer days. Since a few years it happens very of t we go within one week from winter to full summer. It’s complicated and our (old) bodies have not that transition time which helps to br used to warmer weather!

  4. The last photo, of the yellow building, is splendid. It looks as though it’s been coated with distilled sunlight! Just now, our light is somewhat diffuse, thanks to high humidity and dust from the Sahara, but soon enough that brilliant summer light will begin reflecting off the beaches and water.


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