march 2020, working day

marzo 2020, giornata di lavoro          scroll down for english text please

Questa mattina ci hanno portato a casa frutta e verdura. L’ho lavata accuratanmente prima di riporla in frigorifero. Dopo ho disinfettato tutta la cucina. Nel pomeriggio insieme a mia moglie una chiacchereta via Skype con due amiche e le bellissime figlie di una delle due. Lavoro e relax, una buona combinazione.

Today we managed to have some fruit and vegetables delivered at home. I washed it carefully before to store in the refrigerator. Than I sanitized all the kitchen. In the afternoon my wife and I had a good chat via Skype with two good friends and the beautiful daughters of one of them. Work and relax, it is ok.

Ieri ho mostrato alcune foto di montagna, oggi aggiungo la seconda parte della serie. Anche questo è un modo virtuale per uscire di casa…

I showed you yesterday a few pictures taken on a mountain excursion, today I show the secon part of the series. It’s a way to go out, at least virtually.

E voi amate passeggiare in montagna? How about you: do you like to wander in the mountains?

Potete cliccare le foto per ingrandirle e se avete qualche commento non esitate, sarà estremamente gradito.

You can click the photos to enlarge them and if you have any comment please do not hesitate, it will be really appreciated.





8 pensieri su “march 2020, working day

  1. bella l’alta badia, quando ero un po’ piu’ giovane la frequentavo. adoro la corsa in montagna (unita alla fotografia, ovvia scusa per prendere fiato) e finchè le cartilagini tengono non mi tiro indietro 🙂

    buona vita,

    • Mia moglie ed io siamo innamorati della Val Badia. A noi piace stare a Piccolin vicino a San Martin perchè è meno turistico rispetto ad altri posti. Niente corse, alla nostra età camminare è più che sufficiente! Speriamo ritornino i momenti per poter apprezzare ancora quei sentieri, prati e bosche! Grazie per il commento, a presto!

  2. I love the mountains and I know you have wonderful mountains in Italy. We see them (when it is not too cloudy) when we go out, from the roads and from the parks. Or we can drive about two hours and be in the mountains. So beautiful! Take care!

    • There are not many things better than a few hours or day in the mountains! I took the photo near the border with Austria,which is a 5 hours drive from home but we have other mountains we can reach in about one and half hour. It so good for a couple of days. I have to say I prefer mountain in winter…

  3. Robert, I especially loved the picture with the guys with the Alp Horn, is that what you call. in German we would say Alpenhorn. Thank you for sharing your updates in your life there, that’s how we all stay connected. Here in the USA, we are not that advanced yet, hard to believe, everything is way behind for weeks. Yet almost business are closed, but way to go. Stay healthy and positive my friend. Ciao, Ciao

    • Do not panic, we are in a “special” place. First very crowded, mant people living on a small surface. There were many small industries all related each other so many people visitng them and moving through them. Many of the small industries have contacts with China and techniciens, managers, salepeople traveling between the two countries. Than the north Italy area was the first to have such a situation and of course no experience how to deal with it.
      I like to hope other countries will learn from our experience…relax wash your hands and smile 🙂


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